You trust me with your kids?

Sooooo, Becky and Brian came for a visit last Friday and left Isaac in my care (with the assistance of Chris) for awhile while they visited Kathy and her new baby.

I immediately felt bad because Isaac figured out my TV in about 10 seconds. And I knew Becky had, early on, been trying to keep Isaac from even knowing what a TV is. Turns out my worrying was for naught since he's already figured out electronics at their house.

The most important lesson Isaac has learned: never give up control of the remote! Take it in the bathroom if necessary.

Turns out Isaac also likes to rock out to the music, really really loud. No surprise since I always figured his parents were a couple of headbangers.

I took some video this night too including some funny stuff involving a toothbrush but it will have to wait for another night.

In other news:
Isaac knows baby signs! Even more surprising, I know baby signs!! Having seen Toby do it, I recognized Isaac signing more after he finished his milk.

We survived the night and my cats survived an entire weekend with the other Spratke child, Mr. Blue.

Don't forget to floss....

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