Girl's Night with One Special Guy

Becky invited a few of us girls for an overnight visit with promises of wine, warm fire and the attentions of a little cutie with lots of affection. She had me at hello!

The weather threatened to put a damper on things- it was so cold and Dawn had long drive with cruddy roads but we made both made it to Grand Rapids for an afternoon of shopping before returning to the house to start dinner.

I made this tasty dish of Wild Mushroom Cream Sauce over Pasta which we had along with a yummy fresh salad. And, for an appetizer- some addictive guacamole and chips!

Oh and wine. A lot of wine. In front of the fire. It was just like Becky promised. The affectionate cutie even stayed up late to entertain us.

The next morning, Becky, Dawn and I sat around and chit-chatted. Isaac even sat at the table with us and laughed right along almost like he knew what we were saying. Later, we played in the living room.

Don't tell mom what I'm doing:

Kids sure do move fast

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Brian and Becky said...

I love stalking my child on your blog. Haha.

By the way...we got tickets to see Tom Petty in May. Isaac is not invited.