Same ol' same ol'

I don't really have any new pictures today but I've been cleaning up and editing my stock and decided to post two pictures from last summer.

I recently bought the new edition of Photoshop Elements so I've been tweaking a few things and trying the techniques in my photo magazines.

This is an old iron smelter in Hancock, Michigan. Viewed from the Houghton side of the Portage River, its not much to see but get a little closer and you will feel the pull of your inner explorer. Apparently the city is aware of this desire to explore and they have fenced in the entire complex with warnings of asbestos danger.

Before editing:

After editing:

Just west of Hancock is McLain State Park. I went out there several times during my June trip, hoping to catch an awesome sunset. I took pictures each time but as I was leaving, I felt I'd missed the prime opportunities. The lighting was never where I wanted it, the clouds were too heavy, etc. I may have been wrong- you just have to take a second look sometimes.


After edits: