Finally, I can talk!

Congrats Melissa and Tarik!


Jump for Joy

I went to Flint on Saturday and spent a little time with overly cute family. The kids received a trampoline from Santa this year. Toby assures me he mailed Santa a thank-you note. Jonquil assures me he did not.

Toby also gave me a wonderful tour of the kitchen, explaining the stove, refrigerator and dishwasher. He also showed me Rosa's igloo and her stuffed frog. We tried to turn the frog in to a Prince (or Princess!) but to no avail.

For those that remember, Toby loved his bouncy-chair thing as a baby. I mean LOOOOOVED that thing. And he still likes to jump. He has a whole routine worked out on his trampoline:


Channeling Stevie Wonder (must see in person to truly understand)

At the speed of Light:

Rosa also got in on the bouncing action although a much simpler routine.

Speaking of Rosa, she's not a baby anymore! How did this happen since I saw her the first of January?!?! She'll be 18 months old on February 14 and has definitely moved in to toddler phase. She has also apparently moved in to pinching and biting phase. I was never a victim of this as she prefers family blood.

Welcome to the wonderful world of time-outs: