Monkey Monday

Witches, Goblins and Pumpkins, oh my!


Artie works on his masterpiece:


You can't see the rat barrettes but I think the red-eye is a nice touch, yes?

Post-carving break-dancing:

That's Artie and Stuart bustin' a move and the two Kaylas (I think) waiting their turn

These pictures were taken at the 2005 Pumpkin Carving Party, hosted by Jonquil and Scott. I hope it goes without saying that I did not take the guts picture.

I'm going to miss this year's party because the Grand Rapids 1/2 Marathon is the next day. But I'm thinking I'll get a pumpkin and carve it at Becky and Brian's house so I can be there in spirit.


Brian and Becky said...

I think carving is a great idea! I am bummed to miss the party too!!! I am excited to have someone to carve with (Brian isn't so into it!)

Courtney said...

Well, Brian is lame. We'll carve pumpkins and eat all the seeds.