Random Scenes

Other than what I've already written about, this is a recap of the last 30ish days.

Melissa's baby shower was at the end of June, at the Flint Childrens Museum:

We moved! June 30, left for Minnesota vacay the next day.

Two bedroom, two baths- yippee!

We went camping in Newaygo, on the Muskegon River for a weekend.

Practicing our safety drill, if the dam breaks.

Tomatoes started ripening on our porch plants. We ated them all up.

Went to a Christmas in July party at my big sister's house.

Visited the Lansing version of a children's museum, Impression 5 with Artie.

No pictures of those last two because the photographers in question have not sent me any. A-hem!

And we ended July enjoying our new place, the wonderful weather and our clean, organized (mostly) bedroom.

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Melissa said...

I want more of that cake! Thanks for posting shower pics. I feel about 10x as large now!

Your bathroom looks huge! Glad you're settling in. Cute pic of you two at the end...