Blog Scattergories

Lifted from Jan's site (aka Mom). I like Scattergories, second only to Pictionary.

For each question your answer has to start with the same letter that your first name starts with. For boy/girl names the name can't be the same as your own. I challenge you to try this out with YOUR name.

* Your Name: Courtney
* Famous Artist/Band/Musician: Courtney Love! oh, how about Charlie Daniels Band
* 4 letter word: crap (plus that other one I'm not writing here)
* Vehicle: Chevy Citation (my first car!)
* TV SHOW: Jeopardy
* City/Town: Canberra (Australia)
* Boy Name: Chuck
* Girl Name: Catherine
* Occupation: Cattleman
* Something you wear: cap
* Celebrity: Courtney Love! or Charlie Sheen
* Food: couscous
* Something found in a kitchen: chopping block
* Reason for Being Late: car crash
* Cartoon Character: Captain Caveman
* Something You Shout: Cowabunga!

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