Becky's Big 3-0

Spent this weekend in Grand Rapids helping Becky celebrate her 30th birthday. As it turns out, Becky can't really handle tequila too well. However, the rest of the celebrants were happy to pick up the slack. We started out with dinner at the Spratke residence. I kept hearing everyone talk of bean dip, must have more bean dip. I'm not sure what Jon's secret ingredients are but I'm starting to wonder if maybe we shouldn't have drug tested some of the guests.A short taxi cab later we were downtown where we ended up at some bar. Don't know the name except it was something like Giardellis. Which led to me thinking about chocolate all night long. There was some speculation that this was a Greek place because the bathroom said unisek. A great number of people seemed to take this to mean "me & my man can pee together!" (sorry no pictures of this).The tequila shooters came back to haunt the birthday girl in a big way so we headed back to the house kind of early. Which was okay, because there was bean dip. Somehow, Brian, Jon and I managed to stay up until 4:30 in the morning, watching the lightening.

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